New Zealand

  1. Moutere (ex Brooklyn) Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    Moutere (ex Brooklyn) Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    Moutere™ is a big hop delivering high alpha acid with a generous weight of oil while its lower cohumulone provides a soft well-structured but solid bitterness. Sensory panels describe the flavours and aromas in the finished beer to be that of grapefruit, tropical and passionfruit.
  2. Pacific Jade Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    Pacific Jade Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    Suited for use as a bittering hop with some excellent results also being seen in dual purpose applications, with a soft bitterness attributable to the low cohumulone. The citrus aroma and flavour notes work well to temper malt sweetness in “fullish” Ales especially when used moderately as a finishing hop. Pacific Jade™ is also well suited to balance dryer Lager styles when employed as an “up-front” kettle addition to showcase its bittering qualities.

  3. Kohatu Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    Kohatu Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    Released in 2011, Kohatu® is a relatively new hop grown in New Zealand. It is a big aroma hop with intense floral characters of pine needles and tropical fruit and displays great quality of bitterness and well rounded fruity hop characters.
  4. Southern Cross Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    Southern Cross Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    Used for first addition bittering this hop has no pretence at substitution for noble type. A kettle variety of the highest order Southern Cross imparts a soft bitterness with a subtle resinous quality. The essential oil component is such that it can deliver a delicate balance of citrus and spice when added toward the end of boil. Generally selected for its consistency in mainstream Lagers this hop has also ventured into the craft market as a reliable Brewpub mainstay.
  5. Dr Rudi Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    A very versatile hop in the brew house where it can be used to deliver a very crisp bitter edge on the back palate as well as excellent aroma qualities. Like most New Zealand varieties the exceptional oil profile sets it apart as a hop with many applications.
  6. Rakau Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    Rakau Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    A dual purpose variety typically with alpha acid above 10% and cohumulone less than 25% of alpha acids. Can be used for multiple additions with late hop character delivering tropical fruit aromas of passionfruit and peach. Quite high levels of oil with an H/C ratio typical of classical aroma varieties. The alpha acid content of hops will vary from batch to batch and may vary from the amount shown in the picture.
  7. Green Bullet (NZ) Hops - Pellets

    Green Bullet (NZ) Hops - Pellets

    Green Bullet delivers a very real, traditional bittering quality and hop flavour. A flagship within the New Zealand brewing industry this hop has contributed to several International Brewing Industry Awards. Considered a bittering variety typically for Lager, Green Bullet also carries a solid Styrian characteristic of subtle spiciness which finds it at home in a freshly drawn pint of Bitter or an Irish-style Dry Stout. “utility brewhouse workhorse”
  8. Sticklebract Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    Sticklebract Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    Originally selected as a high yielding alpha variety Stickbract later became a dual purpose mainstay of the New Zealand Brewing Industry. Aroma is characterised by citrus and pine needles which this heirloom hop carries into the brewhouse and the finished product. Sticklebract produces quality beers of assertive bitterness while also displaying fine aroma qualities and character achieved from both late and dry hopping additions. Citrus and pine characters make up a large portion of the oils fraction which become quite pronounced at heightened addition rates. This hop works well in big ales or as a background to imperial styles.
  9. Wai-iti Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    Wai-iti Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    Wai-iti™ is a relatively new hop, with a fresh splash of mandarin-lime notes. Low alpha, low cohumulone and a nice oil mix make this a soft but refreshing choice for a light Spring or Summer ale. It’s a bit like Riwaka, but more smooth and rounded.

  10. Willamette Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    Willamette Hops - Pellets (NZ)

    NZ Willamette Hops is an aroma variety with a mid alpha acid content at 7.0%-9.0%.

    Although Willamette can contribute good bittering, NZ Willamette dominates its usage for its flavour and aroma. This results in a delicate peppery herbaceous spice that has both fruit and floral essence. This translates well into most beer styles and can be used in Stouts through to Pale ales and lagers. In big hoppy beers Willamette also pairs well with other citrusy hops.