1. 3 Way Sugar Measurer 3 Way Sugar Measurer

    3 Way Sugar Measurer

    3 Way Sugar Measurer
  2. Bottle Rinser

    Bottle Rinser

    Bottle Rinser designed to make the chore of cleaning and sanitising bottles easier.

    Put cleaner or sanitiser in the main chamber, and then when you push a bottle down on the spout it sprays a jet of liquid up inside the bottle. Manual action - no power required.
  3. Bottle Tree - 81 bottles Bottle Tree - 81 bottles

    Bottle Tree - 81 bottles

    Bottle Tree - fits 81 bottles. Perfect for draining & drying your home brew bottles upside down. Made from red plastic with a stable black single foot. Will make your life so much easier on bottling day!

  4. Brew Bottler

    Brew Bottler

    The Brew Bottler is designed to make bottling your beer or cider as easy as possible. It fits snugly up inside the fermenter tap, as supplied with our 30L Fermenter Bucket or sold separately as White Tap. You can then open up the tap and liquid fills insider the Brew Bottler. When you lift your bottle up around the Brew Bottler, this releases the valve at the bottom and allows the bottle to fill.

    We recommend filling the bottle right to the top of the bottle. When you remove the Brew Bottler, this leaves the right amount of head space in the top of your bottle for ideal carbonation conditions.
  5. Double Ended Sugar Measurer

    Double Ended Sugar Measurer

    Exact measure every bottle for consistant carbonation of beers, with a built in funnel for each end.

    For 375ml and 750ml bottle sizes. Takes the guesswork out of using sugar, the cheaper alternative to carbonation drops.

  6. Expansion Bottle Resealer

    Expansion Bottle Resealer

    It's not every time that you open a bottle of wine that you want to drink all of it in one sitting, and if it is a bottle that was corked then it's not so easy to reseal it.

    This Expansion Bottle Resealer is the ideal solution, simply insert into the bottle neck and flick the handle to seal the bottle. Washable and re-usable.
  7. FastRack12-Rack FastRack12-Rack


    Fastracks are the best system to drain, stack and store bottles of various sizes. They are compact, stackable and unlike a bottle tree they eliminate contact with the inside of the bottle. FastRacks are versatile and fit various bottle sizes to ensure all bottles can be stored efficiently. They take up minimal space and can be stacked up to 10 high for compact storage. 

    PLEASE NOTE: Not all sized bottles will fit 12. 750ml and 640ml bottles may only fit half this.

  8. FastRack12-Tray


  9. Italian Bottling Tap Adaptor

    Italian Bottling Tap Adaptor

    Italian Bottling Tap Adaptor
  10. Italian Bottling Valve & Italian Tap Adaptor

    Italian Bottling Valve & Italian Tap Adaptor

    If you have an "Italian" style fermenter tap and wish to use a bottling wand, then this handy adaptor is required. It's the same piece as the middle of the Brew Bottler, which means if you have lost that part of your brew bottler this can be used as a replacement part.