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  1. Sorachi Ace Hops - Pellets (Japan)

    Sorachi Ace Hops - Pellets (Japan)

    Sorachi Ace is a cross between Brewer's Gold, Saaz and Beikei No. 2 male. It is available in limited quantities, however, it remains a popular variety among craft brewers for its unique citrus fruit, herbal and dill aromas.
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  2. Galaxy Hops - Pellets (AU)

    Galaxy Hops - Pellets (AU)

    Galaxy is often described as having a passion fruity character along with aromas and flavors of clean citrus and peach. It may also carry threads of pineapple and tropical fruit. In short, its characteristics are all fruit with no floral, pine, or spice.

    Flavour and Aroma are very intense, a perfect hop for tropical fruit forward pale ales, perfect hop for a NEIPA.

    Alpha acids 11 - 16%. Typical total oils (ml per 100g) 3.0 - 5.0, which is the highest known.

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  3. Vic Secret Hops - Pellets (AU)

    Vic Secret Hops - Pellets (AU)

    The less well known than Galaxy but equally exciting hop from Australia. Lots of pineapple, pine, passionfruit. The flavors are lighter than the ones you will find in Galaxy hops. High alpha content 14-19% AA
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