1. Essencia Carbon Filter

    Essencia Carbon Filter

    The original, revolutionary bench top carbon treatment system.

    Never touch carbon again with this all in one, multi stage, cartridge based filtration and treatment unit. Combines the latest ceramic filtration technology with the highest quality peat carbon to create the most advanced and effective filtration and treatment system available.

    Easy to use, no mess, no leaks and very versatile.

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  2. Distilling Stabiliser (Antifoam)

    Distilling Stabiliser (Antifoam)

    Add 5 ml to 25 litres before heating. Ingredients: Poly Silicon - food grade. 50 ml. Packaged in Auckland NZ
  3. American Oak Flavour

    American Oak Flavour

    Oak extract the gives an immediate barrel aged effect. 50 ml Packaged in Auckland NZ
  4. Aging Syrup 1 litre

    Aging Syrup 1 litre

    A flavourless glucose syrup that smooths harsh spirit. 1L. Packaged in Timaru NZ
  5. Aging Syrup 400ml

    Aging Syrup 400ml

    A flavourless glucose syrup that smooths harsh spirit. 400 ml. Packaged in Timaru NZ
  6. Jim Beam Chips 100gm

    Jim Beam Chips 100gm

    Made from Jim Beam Barrels.

    Use 10-15gm per litre of spirit. Leave for at least 10 days then add bourbon flavouring, plus 1 tsp of sugar per litre for a superb finish.

  7. Plantation Rum Chips

    Plantation Rum Chips

    From Jamaican rum barrels giving colour and flavour. Use Gold Medal Calypso Rum (H414) flavour for a superb finish. 100gm. Packaged in Auckland NZ
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  8. Tennessee Whiskey Oak Barrel CUBES

    Tennessee Whiskey Oak Barrel CUBES

    Made from one toasted face cross cur from a Jack Daniels barrel. Use Gold Medal Hoggers (H427) flavour for a superb JD style whiskey. 100 gm. Add 3-4 cubes per litre of spirit. Age for at least 14 days

    Packaged in Auckland, NZ

  9. Turbo Pure 250ml

    Turbo Pure 250ml

    Purifies all spirit rapidly. Add 10 ml per litre of spirit, flavoured or not and be amazed at the difference. 250ml. Ingredients: Fruit Acids, Starch. Manufactured in Auckland NZ
  10. Turbo Ultra 100gm

    Turbo Ultra 100gm

    A powder that reacts with odour compounds in the wash. Add 10 gm into your cleared wash 24 hours prior to distilling. For odour free distilling and purer spirit. 100 gm. Manufactured in Auckland NZ