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  1. The League "By Jupiter" - English Barleywine All Grain Kit 23l

    The League "By Jupiter" - English Barleywine All Grain Kit 23l

    This recipe was not specifically designed to be consistent with the BJCP style guides, but we believe it is similar to 17D - English Barleywine.

    This limited edition recipe was originally the first in our new "Lallemand edition" series - sponsored by Lallemand and Gladfield! It proved so popular that we sold out so we've decided to keep it going without the free yeast (sorry!).

    "By Jupiter" is our version of an English Barleywine - full of complex malt flavours balanced by English hops fermented with an English yeast. This kit contains 7.5kg delicious malt by Gladfield - plan your brew day accordingly, give the mash some time to fully convert & extract. 

    We would probably bottle the whole batch just to experience the journey of how a high gravity beer (By Jupiter, the gravity!) develops over time.

    Target ABV 8.5% & up (you can add sugar to boost the gravity if you prefer it stronger)

    Our kits are fresh! We assemble the ingredients after you place your order. The grain bill will be milled, unless you tell us in your order comments that you prefer it not to be.

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