1. The League "Nick Danger" - American Porter All Grain Kit 23l

    The League "Nick Danger" - American Porter All Grain Kit 23l

    This recipe was not specifically designed to be consistent with the BJCP style guides, but we believe it is similar to 20A - American Porter.

    This recipe is closely inspired by Denny Conn's famous porter recipe. Using all New Zealand malt, the hops are Tettnang and a bit of US Cascade (it's an American porter after all). The result is dark chocolate and coffee flavours balanced by caramel leading to a full body - the perfect brew for a cool evening.

    Target ABV: 6.3%

    Our kits are fresh! We assemble the ingredients after you place your order. The grain bill will be milled, unless you tell us in your order comments that you prefer it not to be.

    This recipe has been designed to use acid malt to reach the target mash pH. If you wish to use the recommended mineral additions to achieve the intended flavour profile, these are to be added to the boil only. This kit does not include the minerals, but these can be purchased separately.

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