1. Twin Roller Grain Mill

    Twin Roller Grain Mill

    We have a great new product from The Vintage Shop, a Twin Roller Mill. Give your arm a rest - there’s an easier way to make great beer than grinding the old fashioned way. The Vintage Shop durable mill will efficiently turn even the most stubborn grains, corn and malted barleys into the perfect base. When using this with the Grainfather, set the mill at 0.5 mm for the best crush.
  2. Bamboo Base Board for Grain Mill

    Bamboo Base Board for Grain Mill

    This is a Bamboo Base Board for the Malt Muncher 2 Roller and 3 Roller Grain Mill.

    Perfect for slotting over a food grade bucket, or building your own little shelf on wheels. It has several different holes pre-drilled so you can simply use either mill and this base board will work perfectly.

    Total Dimensions: approx. 450 x 340 mm, 15mm thick.

    Hole Dimension: approx. 115 x 70 mm (screw holes 140mm apart)

    Note: requires M6x30mm bolts to mount to the mill, not included.

    Does not include Mill.

  3. Maltmuncher Grain Mill (3 roller)

    Maltmuncher Grain Mill (3 roller)

    The MaltMuncher Grain Mill (three roller) is constructed using materials that will last a lifetime. Cold rolled steel for the rollers, 6061 Aluminum body and hopper with long lasting hardened steel bearings. The 3 roller design has the main advantage that it draws the grain better and gives improved throughput.
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  4. Grain Mill / Corn Mill Grain Mill / Corn Mill

    Grain Mill / Corn Mill

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    Grain Mill - mill your own grain. This mill operates by turning one plate against a fixed plate, creating a shearing motion. It's very price competitive and works especially well for corn kernels that might prove difficult to mill in a roller mill.
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  5. High Torque Grain Mill Motor

    High Torque Grain Mill Motor

    This 1amp, 240v motor has been coupled with a high torque (1:7.5ratio) gearbox to bring the RPM down to the perfect milling speed of 180rpm.

    This motor is made to be direct drive and will couple with the Maltmuncher Grain Mill (2 and 3 roller) using the included spider coupling with polyurethane cushion (spider coupling will suit 10mm and 12mm shafts).
    The motor mounting plate and spider coupling make it easy for you to mount the motor and mill together.

    The cast alloy motor housing and mounting bracket are robust and quality made.
    The housing is sealed and practically maintenance free. The mill motor kit also includes a kill switch for your safety.

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