Brewing with Nelson and Richmond Water

Water is important!

You don't have to brew for very long before you start to realise that getting your water right for brewing can have a big impact on the beer you make. However, a lot of people leave water modifications as the very last thing they focus on. It's easy to understand why - getting your head around what you are trying to achieve with water modifications is quite technical, and getting useful and accurate information on what the local water supply is like is not always easy. Put these two things together and it can all quickly fall into the too hard basket.

For Nelson and Richmond brewers, things are now much easier.

League of Brewers has worked with* Michael Rhodes to put together a "cheat-sheet" for anyone brewing with local water. This means that you get a shortcut straight to the information you need - "how much of what do I need to use for the style of beer I am brewing?" - without needing to spend days getting up to speed on the science and deciphering local water reports.

Michael's water report also includes all the information to get started on understanding the basics of water chemistry and how to take this topic further, if that's your thing. If you find his report useful, buy him a beer!

You can find his report here.

*When we say "worked with", we mean we mentioned the idea to him, and he did all the work