1. Kegging Starter Kit (incl. new 19l keg)

    Kegging Starter Kit (incl. new 19l keg)

    Fed up of washing bottles? This starter kit will let you keg your beer instead! 

    To use this to carbonate and serve your own beer, you will also need a CO2 gas bottle (various sizes available) OR a sodastream adaptor so you can use sodastream bottles.

    You will need to provide your own beer and a fridge to keep the keg cold!

  2. Beer Brewing Starter Kit

    Beer Brewing Starter Kit

    This is our starter kit to start brewing. Everything you need to put down your first batch, except ingredients and bottles!

    Includes a FREE ticket to a beginners brew training session, which we normally run every 1st Saturday of the month. Learn everything we wished we knew when we first started making beer.

    In the box you will find:

    • 30L plastic fermenter
    • Tap
    • Airlock
    • Grommet
    • Sediment reducer
    • Thermometer strip
    • Plastic brewing spoon
    • Brew bottler for easy bottle filling
    • A hydrometer
    • A bottle brush
    • A plastic trial jar
    • 100g Sodium Percarbonate cleaner / sanitiser
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  3. Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Microbrewery Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Microbrewery

    Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Microbrewery

    A high quality Stainless Steel Fermenter is the centrepiece of the exciting new Craft Series Microbrewery Kit.

    It also contains the “Robber's Gold” from the new “Brewery Box” series. This kit contains 3 kg of malt, hops for dry hopping and the British Ale Yeast to make the perfect craft brew. This home microbrewery offers a significant step up from traditional homebrew starter kits that are based on plastic fermenters. This plus the superior ingredients included in the kit, makes it the best homebrew kit on the market. Perfect for those new to homebrewing. Guarantees your first brew will impress!

    Makes: 23 L of Robber's Gold Craft Beer

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  4. Mangrove Jack's Starter Brewery Kit with Bottles

    Mangrove Jack's Starter Brewery Kit with Bottles

    Learning to brew a decent handcrafted beer at home has never been easier. This kit combines all the instructions, essential equipment and ingredients to allow you to make great tasting beer. 

    The Kit Contains:
    - 30 L Fermenter
    - Thermometer
    - Airlock
    - Hydrometer
    - Brew Bottler
    - Brewer's Spoon
    - Mangrove Jack's Brewing Ingredients
    - Carbonation Drops
    - Sanitiser
    - Bottle Brush
    - 30 x 750ml PET Bottles

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