1. Mangrove Jack's Lactose 500g

    Mangrove Jack's Lactose 500g

    Mangrove Jack's Lactose 500g. A non-fermentable sugar made from milk, used to increase sweetness and mouthfeel. A common ingredient in Milk Stout, lactose can be used to increase the body and residual sweetness of any beer or cider.

    250g in a standard batch should have a noticeable impact however some brewers prefer to use more.
  2. Cocoa Bean Husks

    Cocoa Bean Husks

    (bulk product - please select amount on product page)

    This is the outer shell of the cocoa bean, and what you winnow out from the nibs. Make the ultimate chocolate stout or add rich chocolate flavour to any beer. For a strong chocolate aroma and flavour we recommend 200-300g per 23l batch as a whirlpool addition (after flame out) for 20 minutes.

    Price is per kg.