1. Mangrove Jack's Hop Spider

    Mangrove Jack's Hop Spider

    The Mangrove Jack’s Hop Spider keeps hops together during the boil. It can be used on all appropriate sized boil pots, including the Grainfather. Made with a coarser, 800 micron mesh, for maximum wort flow and increased hop utilisation. Specs Diameter: 15 cm Length: 30 cm Material: 800 micron 304 grade stainless steel mesh, with stainless steel support band and single hook.
  2. Ss Brew Kettle Ss Brew Kettle

    Ss Brew Kettle

    The Ss Brew Kettle - yet another quality, innovative stainless steel brewing product from Ss Brewtech.

    Available in these sizes:

    • 20 Litre (5.5 Gallon) -$50
    • 38 Litre (10 Gallon)
    • 57 Litre (15 Gallon) +$75
    • 76 Litre (20 Gallon) +$150
    • 114 Litre (30 Gallon) +$200
    • 200 Litre (53 Gallon Note: marked 50 Gallon on box) +$500


    • Pick-Up tube / trub dam included
    • High grade 3 piece ball valve
    • Heavy duty 18 gauge 304 Stainless
    • 1.2 x 1.0 height to width ratio
    • Triclad bottom to help avoid scorching
    • Good for induction heating systems as well
    • Silicone handles for safe handling
    • Internal markings (no sight glass cleaning)
    • Weldless fittings
    • Robust riveted handles for safety
    • Hang lid on side handlesWeldless plug for top port (thermometer not included)

    False bottoms designed specifically for these kettles are now available.

    The manufacturer recommends using Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) (sold separately) for initial cleaning to remove oils, grease and any manufacturing residue.

  3. Ss Brewmaster Brew Kettle Ss Brewmaster Brew Kettle

    Ss Brewmaster Brew Kettle

    Ss Brewtech took what they'd learned designing and manufacturing pro brewing equipment and shrunk it down for the homebrewer with their new Brewmaster Edition Kettles.

    This Brewmaster edition includes features such as a rotatable racking arm, and a sight glass integrated into the 3-piece ball valve to allow the brewer to monitor and minimise trub pickup during knockout. In addition, the all new dish bottom with integrated fire box is designed to increase surface area by 50% and channel the flow of heat for faster boiling times. It also includes a tangential inlet for more effective whirlpool action and trub collection. All tri-clamp fittings are fully sanitary welded, and built with the highest quality 304 stainless steel and craftsmanship available on the market today.

  4. Ss Tri-Clamp Brew Kettle Ss Tri-Clamp Brew Kettle

    Ss Tri-Clamp Brew Kettle

    The Ss Tri-Clamp Brew Kettle is constructed from 304 stainless steel and features an aluminium core tri-clad bottom to foster even heating and minimise the risk of scorching and allow for the use of induction heating.

    Tri-Clamp ports have long been the standard in professional brewing, and for a good reason, they're quick, sturdy, and sanitary. The Ss Tri-Clamp Brew Kettle now brings this pro-level feature to the home brewer in an affordable package.

    The sturdy riveted silicone-coated handles are now located on the front and back for easy moving and dumping of the kettle while also allowing for tighter brew stand setup. Just like the original Ss Brew Kettle, the tri-clamp version features an integrated trub dam into the dip tube to minimise the pickup of trub and hop material during knockout. The result is much clearer wort making its way into the fermenter.

  5. Polycarbonate Sight Glass 60cm length - 1/2” BSP male

    Polycarbonate Sight Glass 60cm length - 1/2” BSP male

    Polycarbonate Sight Glass 1/2” BSP male. Comes with no weld fitting, you just need a hole to install it onto your pot.

    A sight glass let's you see the volume, clarity & colour of liquid in your pot.
  6. High pressure 3 leg LPG burner with regulator

    High pressure 3 leg LPG burner with regulator

    High pressure 3 leg LPG burner with regulator
    Out of Stock
  7. 2200 Watt Stainless Steel Heating Element 2200 Watt Stainless Steel Heating Element

    2200 Watt Stainless Steel Heating Element

    These heating elements are powerful and perfect to make use on your boiler. The element is made from 304 grade stainless steel. This element is a weld free design meaning that you can easily install it by simply drilling a hole in your pot/keg/boiler of approximately 32mm and tightening a nut from the outside of the pot.
  8. SS Brew Bucket O-Ring Replacements

    SS Brew Bucket O-Ring Replacements

    SS O-Ring replacements for Brew Buckets and Mini Brew Buckets.

    For use on Brew Bucket 3/8" Ball Valve. Includes:
    - 4 pcs 8.5 mm x 1 mm Buna N 70 O-rings
    - 2 pcs 16mm x 1.8 mm Buna N 90 O-rings
    - 6 pcs total in this set (enough to replace all o-rings on one Brew Bucket valve)

    From: Ss Brewing Technologies, USA

  9. Hop Missile Hop Missile

    Hop Missile

    The Hop Missile can be used either as a Hop Back or an Inline Hop Infuser. The difference being flushing your wort through the Hop Missile back into the boiler, or as a Hop Inline Infuser flushing the wort through the Hop Missile straight into your fermenter. Either way, you are going to have some serious fun getting a boost of aroma and flavour using this new method of hopping. For all you home hop growers, this is a must-have piece of kit to have to show off the best of your harvest.


    • Capable of pressures up to 40psi
    • 85g Capacity of Whole Cones / Flowers when used as a Hop Back
    • 115g Capacity of Whole Cones / Flowers when used as an Inline Hop Infuser
    • 100% 304 SS construction with heat tolerant and food-grade silicone seals
    • Fully enclosed system allows for easy no low maintenance monitoring on brew day

    We recommend using camlocks on the inlet and outlet. More specifically Female 1/2" BSP to Male Camlock (Type A).

    Other uses:

    This Hop Missile can also be used as an Inline filter to filter out a fair chunk of the hop material to the fermenter. Fill the unit with 80g worth of Oat or Rice Hulls and fire away! Please Note: When using pellet hops, or if you have a large amount of trub and debris it may compact and impede the flow of the Hop Missile. To help prevent this, installing a pre-filter in your pot is recommended to prevent excessive quantities of material from entering the hopback. We also highly recommend using oat or rice hulls in combination with hop pellets to aid in wort passing through the Hop Missile.

  10. 35L DigiBoil - Digital Turbo Boiler 2400watt 35L DigiBoil - Digital Turbo Boiler 2400watt

    35L DigiBoil - Digital Turbo Boiler 2400watt

    •  Liters and Gallon Graduations
    • Stainless steel tap with barb and 1/2 thread
    • Dual element control (so you can adjust the power from 500watts, 1900watts or 2400watts)
    • Compatible with the reflux and pot still that we sell (NOTE: when using our pot or reflux stills do not use more than 1900watts)
    • Easy to use
    • Great for use as a hot liquor tank, boiler, or hot water urn
    • Concealed element for easy cleaning
    • Compatible with reflux and pot still. Stainless clamps will secure distillation lid air tight (NOTE: if you are using the reflux or pot still you need to also purchase the distillation lid)
    • Can also be used for sous vide cooking
    Want to save some power?
    You can also purchase the neoprene jacket that fits this unit. This will reduce your heat loss by about 200-300 watts.
    This unit is 220-240v / 2400watts