The League "American Gladiator" - American Strong Ale (All Grain)

The League "American Gladiator" - American Strong Ale (All Grain)

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This recipe has been designed to be consistent with the 2021 BJCP Style guide 22B: American Strong Ale.

American Gladiator is an American Strong Ale recipe designed for The League of Brewers by Jamie McQuillan of Cell Division Brewery.

Rather than being a distinct style, American Strong Ales are a grouping of beers with a similar balance and profile, all of which are strong, bitter and malty without quite entering barley wine territory. Stepping into the ring at 8.3% we have our very own American Gladiator - strong, with a bitter attitude, boasting a solid juicy malt backbone and the perfect balance of any great performer. On top of all that, be sure to brace yourself for a solid punch in the form of resinous piney and grapefruity American hops. Ding ding ding, get in the ring and brew it!

This recipe assumes correct mineral additions for pH calculations, which are not included in the kit. Please purchase these separately.

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