1. Amarillo Hops - Pellets (US)

    Amarillo Hops - Pellets (US)

    The Amarillo variety was discovered by Virgil Gamache Farms Inc. in one of their hop yards in Washington State and propagated and introduced by them as Amarillo. Unlike most varieties of hops, which may be acquired and propagated by the purchase of rhizomes, Amarillo hops are privately grown only by Virgil Gamache Farms; also the organization holds a trademark on the name "Amarillo" for hops.
  2. Ahtanum Hops - Pellets (US)

    Ahtanum Hops - Pellets (US)

    Ahtanum boasts a floral bouquet matched with citrus essence. The high amounts of both myrcene and caryophyllene both contribute to the sweet and slightly spicy, or peppery character of this American hop variety.
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  3. Columbus Hops - Pellets (US)

    Columbus Hops - Pellets (US)

    A high yielding, high alpha acid American bittering hop. Also known by the trade name Tomahawk. Columbus has a very high amount of total oils, and can impart a 'resiny' quality to a beer. Substitutes for bittering: Nugget, Chinook. Substitutes for aroma and flavor: Cascade, Centennial.
  4. Cascade (US) Hops - Pellets

    Cascade (US) Hops - Pellets

    US Cascade has a pleasant, flowery and spicy, citrus-like quality with a slight grapefruit characteristic. The hop is good for both flavor and aroma uses. It can also be used for bittering effectively, and can be used to make any ales, and indeed is characteristic of American Pale Ales; used in some Lagers.
  5. Magnum Hops - Pellets (US)

    Magnum Hops - Pellets (US)

    Magnum is a German variety (also grown in the US) and daughter of Galena. It is a high alpha cultivar and is often used as the base bittering variety. Magnum does not display any distinct aroma characteristics, however, subtle spice and fruit characteristics have been noted by some brewers.
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  6. Comet Hops - Pellets (US)

    Comet Hops - Pellets (US)

    Comet hops have been around since the 1970's and are a cross-breed of British and wild American hops. Flavour aromas such as citrus, herbal and earthy elements, and marijuana.
  7. Brewers Gold Hops - Pellets (US)

    Brewers Gold Hops - Pellets (US)

    Brewers Gold is a complex bittering hop that is noted to have a sharp or pungent bittering quality. It also imparts a fruity yet spicy aroma as well as having a black currant characteristic. It is on the low end of the bittering hop scale at 8 to 10% AAU typically. Brewers Gold can be used in a wide range of styles from English Ales to German Lagers and adds a decidely 'European' element to the beer. These make a good partner to noble varieties such as Tettnang and Hallertauer.
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  8. Perle (US) Hops - Pellets

    Perle (US) Hops - Pellets

    Perle is German in origin. Bred there from Northern Brewer and 63/5/27M in 1978, Perle has its parent's minty, pine character as well as the spicy, earthy notes found in other noble hop varieties.
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  9. Idaho 7 Hops - Pellets (US)

    Idaho 7 Hops - Pellets (US)

    Our newest addition to new world hops that are great for any type of hop forward beer is described as having big tropical aroma and flavour, like apricot, orange, red grapefruit, papaya mixed with pine and a hint of black tea. It's high oil content makes it great for whirlpool and dry hop additions.

    In fact, modern hop guru and author of hop bible "The NEW IPA" Scott Janish wrote an article about how Idaho 7 shines especially when used in hot side additions (think whirlpool / hop stand). Have a read here.

    typical alpha acid: 14%

  10. Lemondrop Hops - Pellets (US)

    The name truly says it all. Lemondrop offers a "unique lemon-citrus character with a pleasant aroma." The bright citrus and subtle herbaceous notes are perfect for sessionable beers. While ales tend to bring out her sweeter side, Lemondrop is delicate and refined enough for quality lagers.

    Hop Highlights:
    5—7% Alpha
    4—6% Beta