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The League "Monk's Table" - Belgian Single Recipe Kit (All Grain)


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This recipe has been designed to be consistent with the 2021 BJCP Style guide 26A: Belgian Single, otherwise known as a Trappist Single, if brewed within the walls of a Trappist monastery.

Monk’s Table is a recipe designed for The League of Brewers by Jamie McQuillan of Cell Division Brewery. For many of us who either work for and/or source our brewing supplies from the League of Brewers, brewing is a religious institution. Long before any of us picked up a mash paddle though, the Trappist Monks were honing their brewing craft, with a handful of monasteries retaining their godlike status as breweries to this day. Trappist Singles are a lower abv beer traditionally brewed to be consumed by the monks themselves. In essence, they are a monk’s table beer.

Typical of the style, this recipe is built upon a base of Pilsner malt, but also includes a little Vienna malt to enhance the supporting sweet, grainy finish, along with a touch of chit malt to encourage head formation. With a clean and crisp bittering from Hallertau Mittelfruh and later additions of resinous, earthy Styrian Goldings hops, this table beer will have you going back for refreshing sip after sip. It is all rounded out with punchy and fruity Belgian yeast notes.

I recommend you brew this beer well in advance of the summer months, bottle condition it with high carbonation for an authentic finish, and then crack open a bunch of bottles around the table during your summer festivities. Prost!

This recipe assumes correct mineral additions for pH calculations, which are not included in the kit. Please purchase these separately.

Our kits are fresh! We assemble the ingredients after you place your order. The grain bill will be milled, unless you tell us in your order comments that you prefer it not to be.

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