The League "Leichtbier" Recipe Kit (All Grain)

The League "Leichtbier" Recipe Kit (All Grain)

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This recipe is designed to be consistent with the BJCP style guide 5A – German Leichtbier.

Leichtbier is a recipe created for The League of Brewers by Jamie McQuillan of Cell Division Brewery.

German Leichtbier is a modern style, literally meaning ‘light beer’. It was originally marketed to the diet conscious as having lower carbohydrates, alcohol and calories. This might sound unappealing but think again because this German take on a light American lager brings more flavour and drinkability than you would expect. With on obvious and refreshing level of bitterness, despite the relatively low IBUs, and carrying noticeable malt and hop flavours, this bright, clean, pale straw-coloured lager will be perfect for a long afternoon’s drinking over the summer holiday season. Even better, enjoy it with a pretzel or some bratwurst fresh off the BBQ. Prost.

This recipe assumes correct mineral additions for pH calculations, which are not included in the kit. Please purchase these separately.

Our kits are fresh! We assemble the ingredients after you place your order. The grain bill will be milled, unless you tell us in your order comments that you prefer it not to be.

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