Fields of Gold

The League "Fields of Gold" - American Wheat Beer


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This recipe has been designed to be consistent with the 2021 BJCP Style guide 1D - American Wheat Beer.

Fields of Gold is a recipe created for The League of Brewers by Jamie McQuillan of Cell Division Brewery.

Hailing from the 1980’s, American Wheat Beers emerged as breweries in the US attempted to emulate European beers, and then adding their own unique twists. American Wheat beers are a reinterpretation of the classic German Hefeweizen, brewed with less expressive yeast strains to produce a subtle fruity finish without the typical phenolics and banana esters of weizen yeast. A high proportion of wheat delivers a cloudy and pillowy drinking experience, with a slight tangy, lemony finish.

Delicious on its own, Fields of Gold also creates a beautiful foundation for fruit additions. Summer and the bounty of fruit it brings is just around the corner, so if you are considering fruit additions we recommend checking out Jamie’s brewing with fruit article on the LoB blog to get you started. Jamie’s top pick for this beer would be apricots.

This recipe assumes correct mineral additions for pH calculations, which are not included in the kit. Please purchase these separately.

Our kits are fresh! We assemble the ingredients after you place your order. The grain bill will be milled, unless you tell us in your order comments that you prefer it not to be.

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