FINAL Top 10 for Year 3

Bruce Milne 484
Warren Wilson 470
Jared Reeves 418
Jason Marinkovich 397
Jono Paulin 327
Curly Ginge 255
Scott Kennedy 210
Karl Welch 193
Pierre Hammond 178

See the full league table and all qualifying scores here.

The Rules for Year 3

  • The total score for each brewer is made up of their best valid score in each BJCP category for this season
  • Scores are held in the table for 12 months after which they expire. They earn medal positions for up to 12 months maximum
  • Only scores of 20 points or more are included
  • First place in a category scores 15 bonus points, second place scores 10 bonus points, third place scores 5 bonus points
  • Only your best 12 valid scores (including any position bonus) will contribute to your total
  • Brewers can present a maximum of 6 brews per event
  • Year 3 is a series of 5 to 6 judging events between April 2019 and March 2020
  • In the event of a tie, the following criteria will be used in this order to find an unique winner
    • Highest score excluding medal bonus points
    • Number of Golds
    • Number of Silvers
    • Number of Bronzes
    • Lowest number of beers shown in the Qualifying entries list
    • Organiser's discretion

The League Table competition is currently on hold. In the current situation with Covid19 where social distancing is key, we currently don't see a future for The League Table. We also believe, if the world eventually goes back to normal, The League Table needs a refresher. We are looking at various options on how to improve it, if you think you have some great ideas please get in touch. 


Congratulations to our 2019/2020 winners! 

Achievement Winner Store Credit Value
Overall - Champion Brewer Bruce Milne $200
Overall - runner-up Warren Wilson $100
Overall - third Jared Reeves $50
Outstanding Beer award for Pale / Amber Ale Jon Meyer $50
Outstanding Beer award for Dark Ale Jason Marinkovich $50
Outstanding Beer award for Lager / Pilsner Bruce Milne $50
Outstanding Beer award for Fruit, Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer Curly Ginge $50
Outstanding Beer award for British / Irish Ale SIX30BREWCO $50
Outstanding Beer award for Specialty Ale Karl Welch $50
Outstanding Beer award for Strong Hoppy Beer (tied) Warren Wilson $50
Outstanding Beer award for Strong Hoppy Beer (tied) Jason Marinkovich $50
Outstanding Beer award for European Ale Pierre Hammond $50

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