1. Beer Filter Housing Beer Filter Housing

    Beer Filter Housing

    10 inch Beer Filter Housing for filtering your beer prior to bottling or kegging. - High pressure housing - Compatible with other 10" filter systems You will need a filter insert to use this system. It also requires 1/2" BSP threaded hose barbs for the in and out ports. Not suitable for hot liquids.
  2. Filter Bag: Large Fine (Winemaking) Filter Bag: Large Fine (Winemaking)

    Filter Bag: Large Fine (Winemaking)

    Filter Bags: Large Fine (Winemaking). A fine mesh nylon bag with a width of approximately 55cm and a height of approximately 60cm. Washable and re-usable. Also available in coarse mesh.
  3. Replacement Screen - Bouncer Classic

    Replacement Screen - Bouncer Classic

    Replacement screen assortment for Classic Bouncer Inline Filter. Contains: - one standard 50-mesh screen (304 microns) - one 80-mesh screen for clearer beers (178 microns)
  4. Hop Straining Bag 125mm x 220mm

    Hop Straining Bag 125mm x 220mm

    A reusable hop straining bag made from nylon mesh. Good for steeping hops or dry hopping, or for adding other things like oak chips to your brew. It's also easy to clean and sanitise.
  5. Mac Daddy Bouncer Filter

    Mac Daddy Bouncer Filter

    It’s the Mac Daddy! Similar to the standard-sized Bouncer Inline Beer Filter - but BIGGER. The Mac Daddy Bouncer Filter allows you to brew better tasting and clearer beer, with less waste, and without pumps or additives! Simply connect the filter between your racking cane and keg, or between your boil kettle and fermenter. - Perfect for larger batches or dry hopped beers - Removes sediment without taste-spoiling aeration or chemicals - Includes 3/8" and 1/2" barbs - Saves time and beer - No pump required. - Easy to clean - 3/8” barbs - Operates up to 65ºC Comes with One standard 20-mesh screen (841 Microns) Replacment and other Mac daddy screen sizes available.
  6. Ss Sight Glass - 19cm Inline Ss Sight Glass - 19cm Inline

    Ss Sight Glass - 19cm Inline

    While it is designed for use with Chronical fermenters it can be used in any setting with 1.5" tri-clamp fittings. It can also be used as a yeast collection container.
  7. Stainless Pump Head for MKII Magnetic Drive Pump (25W)

    Stainless Pump Head for MKII Magnetic Drive Pump (25W)

    A stainless steel pump head for the 25watt MKII High Temperature Magnetic Drive Pump, with 1/2" BSP threads. Designed as a replacement/upgrade for the plastic pump head that comes as standard with the original pump.

    From: Kegland.
  8. Hop Bomb 70mm diameter with 40cm chain

    Hop Bomb 70mm diameter with 40cm chain

    The hop bomb is ideal for containing pelletised hops or hop flowers. The hop bomb can fit up 30 grams of pelletised hops in the bomb, at 30 grams it will approximately half fill the hop bomb leaving enough space for the hops to move and for you to get efficient extraction of the hop bitterness and aroma. It is ideal for hop additions in the boil. The 30cm stainless chain can be used to attach the hop bomb to the side of your boil kettle or pot. The hop bomb is also ideal for use inside 19L kegs if you have a lid with an internal hook.
  9. MKII 25W High Temperature Magnetic Drive Pump MKII 25W High Temperature Magnetic Drive Pump

    MKII 25W High Temperature Magnetic Drive Pump

    This pump is constructed of food-grade materials and handles boiling wort with ease. The impeller housing is made from polysulfone as it is a tough, food-grade plastic rated up to 120C. The magnetic drive acts as a clutch allowing the user to put back pressure on the pump to slow down flow without any damage to the pump. Since it is magnetic drive, it’s not self priming, you must put the pump under the level of the liquid source.

    This is an extremely efficient 1.1amp pump which can be run continuously at elevated temperatures.

    The magnetic drive ensures no lubricated bearings are in contact with the liquid at all, so you can be sure there is no chance of any contamination of the liquid being pumped, which is why this pump is ideal for home brewing.

    Voltage: 240V-AC
    Power: 25 watts
    Max Head: 3.4m 
    Max Capacity: 19L/min 
    Fittings: 1/2" BSP

    Note: the pump does not include any of the quick connects, camlocks or ball valves shown in the images these are just to show how you can set the pump up to incorporate it into your brewery.

  10. Strainer - 6 1/4"

    Strainer - 6 1/4"

    Strainer for boiled or steeped ingredients. Great for using with hops. For example, steep hops in 2 litres of 75°C water for 5 minutes to extract aroma or boil for a few minutes to extract bitterness and then add 2 litres of cold water to reduce the heat. Then strain the hop tea through this strainer into another pot. Rinse the residue on the mesh with another litre of water into that second pot and then add this green hop tea to a brew as you fill up to the total volume mark.