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Gladfield made Chit Malt upon request from clients who were keen to use this product to improve the body and foam in their beers, particularly sour beers.

The term chit in malting represents the first stage of germination, where the barley has taken up enough moisture from steeping to start the magic process of turning starch into soluble protein and sugars to feed the yeast during fermentation.

The reason that the Chit Malt can improve body and foam is due to the process of modification of the starches in the grain by the enzymes still in the early stages when we start kilning this malt. It will leave long protein chains in the malt that the yeast won’t be able to digest its entirety during fermentation.

Chit Malt is light in colour and used up to 15% in a beer recipe. This malt is a good alternative for raw adjuncts. The flavour impact in a beer is minimum with subtle green, grassy raw grain flavour.

• Use up to 7% in kettle-soured beers to improve head retention and body.
• If used in conjunction with Big O Malted Oats, it will help improve haze stability in NEIPAs.


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