4mm ID Ledavin PVC tube / hose

4mm ID Ledavin PVC tube / hose


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4mm ID Ledavin PVC tube / hose is available for purchase in increments of 0.01


This is a bulk product - one unit equals 1 meter.

Clear 4mm ID Ledavin PVC tubing perfect for gas or beer line. Capable of fitting a standard disconnect barb, not suitable for push in fittings (without a barb to tube adapter).

This is in our opinion the best beer line for home use, where you want the line as short as possible (kegerators, fridge mounted taps etc). It's got great line resistance, has a small diameter and therefore you need a much shorter hose to supply the needed line resistance.

Ledavin Beverage tubing is manufactured from materials compliant with FDA and AS2070 for food and beverage contact applications.  This highly flexible tubing offers excellent resistance to cracking and impact along with a glass like clarity and smooth bore to provide ideal flow characteristics for a variety of food and beverage applications


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Pouring super tidy pale ales!
Harvey 13 June 2017 Mike took the time to run me through getting my keg lines setup properly, and supplied me with some of this tubing. The 4mm tubing slowed it right down and there's no more foam, pouring really nicely now. Wasn't super hard to get onto the disconnects either, with the help of boiling water. Definitely recommend.

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