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Craft Beer by The League Brewery - always changing, always fresh! All beer is packaged in counter-pressure filled riggers. We brew small-batch beers which allows us to be adventurous with our beers - and we never like to brew the same beer twice. If you are a brewer, all beers are made available as recipe kits too.
  1. Dr Faustus German Helles Lager - Craft Beer

    A not quite traditional German lager brewed using Best Malz. This malt is newly available in New Zealand after centuries of production in Germany. Light and highly sessionable, perfect for a hot day.

    We used some Hallertau Blanc to give it a subtle fruity twist - don't tell the Germans!

    ABV: 5.0%

  2. Little Red Rooster Session Red IPA - Craft Beer

    All the hops and all the red of the Red Rooster, but at 4.8% ABV so you can have a pint or two without turning into a headless chicken. Showcasing NZ malts from Gladfield Malt.

    ABV: 4.8%

  3. Barone Lupulo Italian Pilsner - Craft Beer

    A style invented in Italy, this is a dry hopped German pilsner. Thirst-quenching with a delicious noble hop palate and subtle aroma.

    ABV: 5.4%

  4. Casa Cerveza Mexican Vienna Lager - Craft Beer

    The perfect thirst-quencher, designed to refresh and sustain you after a dusty day's wandering through the desert.

    ABV: 4.2%

  5. Zoom Me NZ Pilsner 1.3L by The League

    Zoom Me NZ Pilsner 1.3L by The League

    Zoom Me is a NZ Pilsner showcasing Freestyle Hops experimental NZL-32 hop. With a classic Riwaka and Motueka hit over a noble hop base, this pilsner is complex and refreshing.

    ABV: 4.9%

  6. House Party Hazy IPA 1.3L by The League

    House Party Hazy IPA 1.3L by The League

    This is a fruit-bomb of a Hazy IPA!

    Brewed with a kveik yeast blend from Stordal which was sourced from Jens Aage Øvrebust. This blend displays prominent fruity esters, leaning toward tropical guava and mango, lending itself well to traditional as well as modern aromatic styles like NEIPA. The haze is accentuated by over 30% of the grain bill relying on oats and wheat malt. Hops are Hort 4337 and Mosaic, with no boil additions to increase hop aroma and reduce bitterness.

    ABV: 6.5%. Perfect for a house party.