FermZilla 27l - Conical Unitank Fermenter (FKA Fermentasaurus v2)

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Redesigned from scratch with all lessons learned from the first generation Fermentasaurus, this is the only plastic conical fermenter you can ferment under pressure with (using a separately sold pressure kit) - and it's unbelievably affordable.

We could list all the great features, like:

  • ability to ferment under pressure
  • which means you can have naturally carbonated beer ready to drink as soon as fermentation/crash cool is complete
  • it's clear, watch your fermentation & beer clarity as it clears up
  • transfer into your keg using a floating pickup and therefore draw beer from the top (the clearest part of your beer)
  • a massive dump port
  • using carbonation cap compatible ports everywhere
  • large top opening to be able to reach inside for cleaning

but really the best way to get an overview is to watch Kegland's video:



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